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Singer, songwriter, professional musician and artist Alastair Riddell studied art at The University of Auckland majoring in art history and film.  In his time at university he developed a special interest in European film (François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni). 

Alastair is best known for his musical success with his band Space Waltz and their No.1 hit Out on the Street.  A talented artist himself Alastair took inspiration from his art history studies at university and used elements of painting and print for the design, texture, and colour for his stage clothing and general style.  Alastair had his own flamboyant eccentric stage outfits tailored for himself that were unique among New Zealand Rock Bands at the time. He has since written and performed a large variety of music for himself and other artists.  He has received a New Zealand Music Award and two Gold Discs for his own songs and again for his collaboration on Poi E.

He ran his own audio engineering studio for several years, producing and engineering for a range of artists, from Celtic and Rock music through to Maori Kapa Haka as well as commercials for broadcast. In 1998 he took up the challenge in the show Get Your Act Together for best production of an artist and won his heat. 

He has since written and performed a variety of music for himself and other artists and has had his music featured in many films including In My Fathers DenHallelujah (a skate boarding documentary), Rotting HillBoyUnderbellyHow to Murder Your Wife and Housebound.  

Alastair has directed short film The Last Stop which received entry into two American festivals, nominated for a Moa and was purchased by Sky TV Rialto ChannelBroken Hallelujah is, as a director, his debut feature film and at present has entry to one American film festival. He has a second feature film West of Eden currently in post-production.



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Vanessa studied both Art History and English Literature at tertiary level, and has a Diploma of Education, specialising in art.  She won Most promising Young Artist from The Fisher Art Gallery Awards during her final year of study.  Vanessa began work as a fashion model for extra cash during her years of study.  After graduating she continued modelling full time in Hong Kong before she moved to the UK.  While living in the UK she taught Art at High School level and managed her friend’s bands in her spare time. She secured management with David Walker (George Michael’s manager) with an opportunity to record with Pip Williams (Moody Blues producer) for a band both Vanessa and Alastair were in at the time. 

Vanessa has written and produced a short film The Last Stop as well as and Broken Hallelujah, her first feature film.  She has a second feature West of Eden is currently in post-production. 

Vanessa had a role as Iris in award winning In My Fathers Den as well as a variety of acting roles in TV and film. Broken Hallelujah is her first feature script. 

"I love both acting and writing. With acting you get to breathe life into a character and with writing you get to see the characters living in their world, a world that before only ever existed in your mind, both are an extremely rewarding and thrilling experience." 





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Commercial Photographer


Dean is a professional photographer with an interest in the medium spanning 25 years. His professional background also includes graphic design and print media. 

 "I think it's about finding those things you enjoy in life and being able to express or pursue them, however that unfolds". 

Dean was cinematographer, stills photographer and graphic artist on short films The Last Stop and Holding the Sun and feature film Broken Hallelujah.  He has just finished work as cinematographer and stills photographer on his second feature film West of Eden.  


Mark Swadel






Marc has directed, shot or produced music videos and concert films for over 450 acts, including Neil Young, Iggy and the Stooges, The Cramps, The Zombies, Yoko Ono, The Strokes, Julian Lennon, The Chemical Brothers, The Stone Roses, Wilco, Mogwai, Love, The Fall, Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth to name a few. 

Marc has had a close friendship with Alastair and Vanessa since 1995, when Marc met Alastair whilst shooting for ‘The Way We Were’ the TVNZ NZ history series. Marc has also made several music videos for Alastair in that time.
Marc has had a 20 year history of working at feature level, starting in 1995 as a Sound Recordist on ‘Broken English’.

As a Cinematographer, Marc is a committee member of the NZCS and IMAGO, a member of the ACS, and has worked with award winning Directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Stephen Kang, Adam Smith, Johnathan Caouette and Shane Meadows, and has shot UKMVA winning, Cannes winning, Grammy nominated films for Warp Films, Ridley Scott and Associates, Black Dog, London Film Syndiacate, Curious Films and Severe Features.

As Producer, Marc pitched, and gained a commission for UK rock doco series ‘Rockfeedback TV’ for Channel 4 UK, as well brokering a deal for MTV Europe, across 16 territories. Marc has also worked as a Producer for British Eurosport, MTV NZ, Nickelodeon, and launched Comedy Central in NZ. Marc has also produced over 300 concert shoots and music videos for various companies in the UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, NZ and the US.

In Film, Marc Produced the NZFC short ‘Tuffy’ for Director Mathew Sunderland, ‘Better To Be’ for Mushroom Pictures, and the UK/US short ‘Deerhunter’ for ATP Films. 

Vanessa Cohen-Riddell

Vanessa Cohen-Riddell

Dean Carruthers

Dean Carruthers

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Our philosophy

New Zealanders like to feel they have an identity, a uniqueness in the world and want to see something of themselves on the small and big screen. It is always encouraging for all of us engaged in the entertainment industry to see that loyalty expressed. But I think there is something New Zealanders need to know, in order for the quality of the industry to reach a high international standard there needs to be strong support for talent from the ground up, the climb to success is of equal importance as the success itself. The relationships you forge, the skills you gain and the spirit in which this is achieved all contribute to what you become and what you eventually produce.


During the process of making our films we have been amazed at the generosity of many people, strangely enough making an independent film brings out the community spirit in not only the people directly involved but the general public as well. It is one of the few occasions that you can still come across the old New Zealand of ‘number eight fencing wire’ and people ‘pitching in’ because they just want to help. Making an independent feature film is often a long and involved process and inevitably you become close to the many people who have been a part of its creation and that in itself is a wonderful payback. 

Alastair Riddell

Alastair Riddell

Marc Swadel

Marc Swadel

Our Films

West of Eden

Two men from different cultures and social groups fall in love. 1960 was a decade of big change but the shift in society needed for Billy and Tom was still a two decades away.

Throughout the film there is a mix of nostalgia, with an emotional journey that leaves the audience wondering what they would have done in the same situation. With a sense of unease throughout the story and a complexity with the characters the film will move the audience emotionally as they shift their empathy from one character to another. The audience will feel they have experienced not only Billy’s journey but that they have slipped into the other characters ‘worlds’ as well. 

The Last Stop

The theme of this story is the complex and confusing nature of broken marriage and adult relationships viewed from the perspective of a child.  It is a story about a small but significant step in the loss of innocence in the life of a young boy.

It is set in the 1950's but it is a story that is as pertinent today as it was then, if not more so. The father is little present in his son's life, and this fuels the excitement and anticipation engendered in his son.

Broken Hallelujah

Broken Hallelujah is a story about the complexities of relationships in the modern world we live in and it deals with some sensitive issues but we must add the movie is ultimately positive. The responses that we have had is that it touches people emotionally and that it is a film people can relate to and laugh alongside because it is a film about people like themselves.


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Little Red Hen Pictures Ltd is a boutique production company situated alongside Auckland's green Waitakere ranges.

We are a small tight-knit team which allows us to be more personal, we work closely with Greenwoods Studios specialising in bespoke productions.

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